Park As Directed creates high end, custom
location maps for the film and event industry.

Since 2003, we've created over forty thousand location maps
for Features, TV Shows, Commercials, Music Videos,
Photo Shoots, and Live Events.


 Additionally our free-to-customer service,
the Crew Parking Assistant has changed the way that
production and location professionals find the
parking lots they need.  

Our customers range from the biggest movie studios
to the smallest of student productions.  


Why We Exist

Imagine that you work for a company with 50 employees. 
Imagine that if one of these employees is late to work  everyone will fall behind schedule,
and the company will be responsible for thousands of dollars in overtime pay. 
Now imagine that every day the office moves.  Some days you're in Downtown, some days you're
out in the desert or the mountains, and sometimes at the beach.     

That's what it's like to work in the film business. 

To keep crew from being late every person working on a film shoot is given two things;
1) A call sheet which has their name and the time they need to report to work and
2) A map. 

Park As Directed makes that map.