The Crew Parking Assistant works like this. You tell me your location. 
I tell you nearby parking lots. You save time and money.

Your director chooses a location, and the agency and client sign off. Per the permit, you'll need a Crew Parking Lot nearby. Traditionally your Location Manager might go with a lot they already know, or drive around and look for other options. Absent a Location Manager you might ask the Permit Service if they know any popular lots and wait for a response, or appeal to CoPros. You might make some calls, you might have a PA scour Google Earth, or perhaps dig through maps from the company's old job folders. 

I can make your task easier. Over 10 years of full time mapmaking I've built up a substantial, roughly 20,000+ strong database of maps. Most of these are for Los Angeles, and most feature Base Camp and Crew Parking lots. 

Call me up, or drop me an email that goes something like this: "Hi. We're shooting here. What lots are nearby?" Within 30 minutes of receiving your email or call (during normal business hours and many other hours as well), I'll email you back a link to an online diagram with 5 to 10 lots close to your shoot. I may not always havE contact information on the lots themselves, but often I do or it can be found online. Regardless, it's a good starting point for your search.

Even if you have a lot in mind, one of the lots I email you may be closer or perhaps - CHEAPER - than what you know about already. 

There is NO CHARGE for the Crew Parking Assistant for jobs where we are meeting your map needs. You don't
need to register, or log in. I'm doing this as a courtesy and a thank you. The benefit to me is your continued patronage. • 310 625 3760